Good food is just a fridge away

Shift work, working in the global labour market and increasingly flexible working hours. 9 to 5 is so yesterday - today it's 6 to 3 or 12 to 9. And what if your stomach is rumbling but the staff restaurant is already or still closed? Or even worse, there is not even one!


the solution is called flavors: a fridge bulging with delicious take-away products: a muesli in the morning, a salad at noon, a sandwich when it gets late. Our fridge is there for you 24 hours a day. Simply open the fridge with our app and take out the flavors. Yummy!

That's how it works


We install
 the fridge

We put the fridge in your office wherever you whish. Make sure to check out our requirements below.


We fill the fridge

Every day we produce fresh products in a Eldora-restaurant near your office and put them into the fridge, so you get delicious food around the clock.


Operate the fridge with our app

With the flavors app you open the fridge and pay your products.

That's inside the fridge

Sweet, sour, salty, umami: we pack a full load of flavour into our daily freshly produced take-away products. Our packaging is made of renewable raw materials and is 100% biodegradable.

The Flavors App

Carry the fridge in your pocket. Dowload the Flavors App and you are ready for Flavors. Once you have deposited your credit card, you can open the fridge. Take out the product, scan it and pay directly in the app. In your virtual fridge you will find all the products with their ingredients and allergens.


Requirements for the Flavors fridge

These are the requirements for the fridge

  • at least 1m2 space

  • an Eldora restaurants nearby

  • Power supply

  • 4G network reception

  • Access for our employees

  • optional: a microwave