What sets us apart

In our Eldora world, everything revolves around food.
We cook with fresh ingredients and manage the restaurants entrusted to us with care and attention. Every customer is individual: we offer custom concepts to meet this need, right down to the menu plans.



Our first goal is to ensure that customers and guests are happy with our services and products. The only way to do this is through excellence.

In an era of globalization and standardization, we want to go beyond what is considered "normal" with individuality and creative thinking. Our striving for excellence extends through all areas of our business and day-to-day activities. Whether we are cooking for 20 or 2,000: we leave nothing to chance, we plan on an individual basis, buy premium quality products, cook with fresh ingredients and pride ourselves on cordial, competent service.

In our eyes, excellence means striving to be the best and not being satisfied with anything less than the very best!

From guest to kitchen

We deliberately chose not to adopt centralized menu planning so that our chefs are free to tailor what they offer to the local needs of their guests on an individual basis. Eldora chefs see themselves as culinary designers who bring dedication and passion to the important task of creating their own menu plans.



Choose from traditional local menus, international dishes, vegetarian food, the front-cooking station (e.g. grills, pasta, wok, prepared in front of the customer) or the generous salad buffet:

Our free choice concept for self-service restaurants allows guests to choose from everything, putting together their own meal entirely as they please. That also makes it possible to follow special dietary requirements, e.g. due to allergies or weight loss programs.

Eldora as a partner

We're not fans of short-term promises. We prefer to invest in fair, long-term, lasting partnerships. A commercial mindset is also part of a flourishing business relationship: we see it as our duty to steer our customers' catering businesses towards success. With our commitment, our attachment to excellence and our passion for innovation, we not only have good ideas but also see that they are implemented to best effect.

Our customers appreciate our high degree of flexibility, flat hierarchies, well-qualified specialists, state-of-the-art technology and uncompromising dedication. We're there when you need us, we listen, we are close at hand, we are solution oriented.