About Eldora

A foundation, a Group, five subsidiary companies, two Eldora headquarters and over 100 years' experience

Eldora AG is a contract catering company with operations throughout Switzerland. It provides catering services to firms, retirement homes, hospitals, universities and schools.

Eldora AG has its roots in the «Département Social Romand» Foundation that was created in 1919 by the Christian Association of Young Men and the Blue Cross of Western Switzerland. The early years of the new millennium saw the company grow so fast that subsidiary firms were created under the umbrella of the DSR Group. In 2015, after 95 years' presence on the Swiss catering market, the «DSR» brand was replaced by the new and dynamic «Eldora» brand. The DSR Foundation now devotes itself exclusively to social projects. To ensure continuing compliance with ethical and social requirements, the DSR Foundation oversees all the companies within the Eldora Group.

The Eldora Group is currently composed of six legal entities, all involved in the provision of catering and related services. As the direct successor to the former "DSR", Eldora AG now manages the latter's main business activities and operates all its restaurants in the contract catering sector. The DSR Foundation is the sole shareholder in Eldora AG and the owner of the total share capital.

Eldora AG: the second largest actor in the Swiss contract catering sector






contract catering services

• Self-service staff restaurants • Self-service cafeterias • Barista coffee bars with service • Full-service customer restaurants • Executive restaurants • Crèches • Snack and take-away concepts • Handling for vending machines • Meeting room services • Catering and event services • Management of all administrative tasks such as procurement, finance and accounting, including reporting, marketing, sustainability management, personnel and various other services


Two service centers with seven departments – one located in Rolle (VD), the other in Zurich – ensure that customer needs are fully met with a large range of individual services. Some 120 Eldora staff throughout Switzerland provide our customers with the highest standard of service. A large pool of specialist professionals is at hand to cover a wide range of needs: finance specialists, human resources managers, total quality managers, marketing specialists, buyers, IT specialists and nutritional experts.

We are ISO certified

Eldora Group: Switzerland's fourth largest catering business

FIDUREST is the support unit to the Eldora Group. It specializes in finance, IT, marketing, human resources and procurement.
HOTELIS AG is a recruitment agency for temporary jobs. It sources staff for all the companies within the Group.
SCHÉMA-TEC SA takes care of design and planning projects, from gourmet restaurants to company canteens, kitchen equipment and interior design.
ELDORA AG operates 280 restaurants in different sectors across Switzerland (business and care, education and health).
MENU AND MORE AG produces and distributes healthy and child-friendly menus in schools and daycare centers throughout German-speaking Switzerland.
KIDELIS prepares and delivers mobiles meals for children in the Geneva area.

Almost 100 years' experience under modern management

1919 CREATION The Christian Association of Young Men and the Blue Cross of Western Switzerland set up the «Département Social Romand» Foundation in 1919 at the end of the First World War, for charitable purposes.

1929 'LOC'RATIVE The SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) recognizes the Foundation's potential and decides to entrust it with the day-to-day operation of its railway canteen in Lausanne. This first mandate marks the Foundation's official entry into the contract catering business.

1950 GROWTH In the wake of the Second World War, the Foundation enjoys continuing growth in the collective catering sector. Its biggest customers include government-operated enterprises, industrial companies and large building contractors in alpine regions. By 1955, the Foundation operates some fifty canteens.

1978 A NEW NAME The Annual General Meeting approves the sale of alcohol in restaurants and a new name – DSR – for its contract catering activities.

2001 GRÜEZI Previously limited to the French-speaking areas of Switzerland, DSR expands its operations into the German-speaking regions with a second headquarters in the city of Zurich.

2002–2014 FROM FOUNDATION TO COMPANY GROUP DSR enjoys vigorous growth – and not only in collective catering. Subsidiary companies are set up to meet the needs of the new markets. These companies either operate in the public catering sector themselves, or provide important services to the catering industry. The DSR Group (now the Eldora Group) evolved from this.

2015 ELDORA REPLACES DSR Eldora AG replaced DSR as of 1 January 2015. Eldora AG takes over the gastronomic activities of the DSR Foundation, including all contract catering business operations. The DSR Foundation is now free to concentrate solely on its charitable obligations, firmly anchored in its statutes since 1919. It is the sole shareholder in Eldora AG and therefore owns the total share capital. To ensure continuing compliance with ethical and social requirements, the DSR Foundation oversees all the companies within the Eldora Group.