5 Ingredients for success

Success doesn't just happen by chance. It is the result of planning, dedication and know-how. Our motto, «We love food», is the expression of our enthusiasm and passion for everything we do.

Indulgence and quality

We offer good, honest cooking without frills but freshly prepared using seasonal and regional products – because homemade tastes best!

A homemade organic potato salad prepared with fresh herbs tastes so much better than rösti from a packet. Performing simple things really well, that's where luxury lies these days.

Quality is the basis for pleasure, and food can only ever be as good as the ingredients that go into it. With that in mind, we buy all our goods from selected producers with whom we have worked for many years. When choosing our products, we pay attention to appropriate certification and work with recognized organizations. We live for fresh food! Our cooking is inspired not by just one type of cuisine but by all the cuisines of the world, and we take pride in proving our creativity every day anew.

Healthy Food

Healthy eating is too rarely associated with terms such as fun, pleasure or sensuality. Eldora makes healthy
eating sexy!

Our company focuses on a healthy lifestyle. Healthy eating for employees has always been a subject close to our hearts. Dietary requirements will of course vary greatly, depending on whether one works at a desk for most of the day or in a more physically demanding role. The right food is essential in staying fit and capable of performing well throughout the afternoon.

Healthy eating is a topic that many people still associate with sacrifice and tedious calorie counting. Keen to change that, we developed the "Smart Eating" concept.

Vegetarians, vegans and «flexitarians» have rekindled the debate about diet. Many people recognize that they would like to adopt a more sustainable, ecological and respectful way of eating. Vegetarian eating is fun with Eldora!



We believe that our economic development must go hand in hand with our commitment to the environment and the common good. That is why sustainability is strategically anchored at all levels. We participate in the Swiss Triple Impact and the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative).  We are thus committed to acting proactively and tangibly for a sustainable future. We set out our sustainability goals transparently in the STI register.

For us, sustainability is called Acts of Green. Acts of Green is our sustainability concept. And it is at the centre of all our decisions. We pay attention to the season and thus avoid long, often pointless journeys from distant countries, save energy and protect the environment. Sustainability also means consuming genuine Swiss food with a quality guarantee. We practise fair trade and name our products and suppliers.

In our charta, we commit to being recognised not only for the quality of our services, but also that our service has a positive impact on society. We donate 20% of our profits to our owner, the DSR Foundation for charitable purposes. In addition, we support charitable organisations to improve the quality of life of those in need. Our commitment to social responsibility is a key element of our identity. We are proud of this.

With "Acts of Green", we are focussing on the importance of every single good green deed. Under this umbrella label, we collect and communicate our sustainable and environmentally conscious measures, which are anchored at all levels of Eldora AG and implemented on a daily basis. Waste avoidance, waste recycling and the careful use of resources are just as much a part of our daily business as cooking!

Our Partners

Eldora is a member of United Against Waste and Zero Waste Switzerland. We have developed a whole package of measures to combat food waste and are implementing these consistently in all our companies. We have committed to reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. In collaboration with Recircle, we offer reusable crockery to avoid single-use waste.In Zusammenarbeit mit Recircle bieten wir Mehrweggeschirr, um Einweg-Abfall zu vermeiden.

17 UN Goals

We are guided by the 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN and its 17 goals for sustainable global development. We focus on environmental protection and resource conservation as well as relevant topics relating to nutrition and procurement.

Purchase & Transport

We buy regionally and seasonally. We do not buy goods by air. We integrate sustainable labels and do not buy any products that are ethically or health-conscious.

Unser Beschaffungsleitbild

Code of Conduct

We are certified

Eldora has been certified to the ISO 14001 environmental standard since 2007 and has been awarded silver status by the international sustainability label Ecovadis zeichnet uns mit dem Silber-Status aus. We are certified with the Sedex which guarantees ethical working conditions along the supply chain.

1 Act of Green

Wherever this sign appears in our restaurants, our guests can earn Acts of Green points for themselves.

We do not use ethically questionable products such as pangasius, foreign tofu or avocados from Peru.



Creativity is born of variety, movement and liberation from old rules! Our creativity is reflected in many areas.

Culinary creativity: anyone who eats at the same restaurant every day needs plenty of change and variety. Our innovative and exciting program of promotions ensures our guests never get bored.

To The Promotions

In the field of gastronomy, creative communication has just one goal: to deliver added value for guests. It is there to provide background information about the products, transparency and security in relation to production and processing techniques, and a rapid means of keeping guests informed about the restaurant offering. It should also be entertaining!

In terms of authenticity and flexibility, we believe that we are best served by taking care of communication ourselves and we therefore produce all our own advertising, POS and marketing materials in-house: creative, innovative, informative, emotional.


The best way to ensure happy customers is to provide
excellent service. We want to offer our guests more than friendly service, we want them to leave us feeling totally enthusiastic about their experience with us.

CORDIAL SERVICE Eldora's strength primarily lies in the quality of its employees, all of whom help to make our guests feel happy and welcome, every single day. We are proud to be able to count on their enthusiasm, hard work and talent. A warm smile, a love of detail and a willingness to accommodate special wishes: these are amongst the most important qualities we look for in our staff.

DIRECT SUPPORT Our Division Managers are responsible for providing comprehensive customer support. Direct communication between Eldora and the catering operation ensures rapid, efficient solutions.

PRO­FES­SIO­NAL ASSISTANCE Eldora Service Centers provide a broad-based pool of specialists for a professional, cost-effective response to the many and varied needs of our catering operations.